As a creative, art and design director with extensive 3D, 2D and online experience. My company Nova, specialises in brand communication, advertising and experiential projects for international clients; we work across many sectors offering a fully integrated service from engagement strategy to creative concept to final execution.

I see my primary task as initiating and delivering thought-provoking work of originality that meets the objectives of the brief and targets the required audiences — internally and externally. I am well-versed at leading teams, commissioning and briefing suppliers, overseeing project flows and presenting to clients.

By nature, I like taking a fresh approach to familiar challenges. I begin by getting to the crux of a particular issue and then finding the most appropriate creative expression — whether that comprises the formulation of a name, a product positioning, a communication strategy or a brand identity.

I believe two factors are fundamental to secure success and continued growth, particularly in today’s fluid communication marketplace. The first is agility — being responsive to opportunities and ideas as they arise; the second is collaboration — a positive partnership between client and agency is at the heart of creative excellence.

Those factors have directed the development of Nova Collective. For example, I utilise a bespoke plug-and-play approach to resourcing which enables me to draw on people with proven expertise in disciplines such as planning, copywriting, design and programming and so support a project according to need (and budget).

I like to work with clients from the start, delving into the details and teasing out insights that can foster singular creative concepts capable of migrating across channels. I believe this allows me to develop and deliver the best results, whether in terms of creative stand-out or return on investment or both of those criteria.

I am pragmatic, I understand the challenges of operating within agreed limitations and I respect the ever-present priorities to deliver greater value and cost efficiencies. Running my own company has given me first-hand experience of the realities of a competitive commercial environment. To every brief I bring the intuitive response of a creative mind, the attitude of an experienced and versatile communications professional and the belief there’s always a new and better way of doing things.